A Successful 2019 Edmonton Open wraps up!
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 10:15PM
Calgary Handball

Thanks to all who participated, cheered on and supported the 2019 Edmonton Open last weekend.  The handball was phenomenal!  Here are the results:


 Junior Events:


1)  Youth Singles:  1st Dominic Dubeau  2nd Kalia Vigen 3rd Jordyn Vigen

2)  Pre Teen Singles:  1st Dominik Morgan  2nd Danny Godunov

3)  Pre Teen Doubles:  1st Andrew Dechaine/Dominic Dubai  

2nd  Leo Day/Dominik Morgan

4)  Teen Singles: 1st Isaac Carkner 2nd  Gavin Stankievech

5)  Teen Doubles:  1st  Gavin Stankievech/Josh Dechaine  2nd Evan Lempke/Dominik Morgan


Masters / B/C Events:


    In Masters Singles action, Phil Cutts outlasted Guy Martin to take the trophy.

    Erin Lovie and Mike Shyluk met in the consolation final, which was won by Lovie.

    In Masters / B/C Doubles, Russ Glasgow and Evan Neil defeated Guy Martin and Howard Strettle.

    On the consolation side, Tim Murphy and Mike Shyluk took Skip Smiley and John Murray on an end-to-end tour of the court in their victory.


Open Events:


   Open Singles saw Pat Shearer and Shane Vigen duking it out again.  Shane had just enough awkward overhead back-court fluke scoop kill shots to win.

   Consolation was won by Shawn Kupchenko over Chris Goddard.

   Shortly after in Open Doubles, Pat Shearer and Chris Goddard had too much firepower for Jeff Yeo and Shane Vigen and took the doubles title.

   On the other court, John Kopeck and Evan Neil took the consolation title over Carter and Rory Rakochey.


   Congrats again to all the players who showed off some incredible handball.  It was a pleasure to be a part of it!  Extra thanks to the out of town players who filled out the draws and made the weekend that much better.


     - Shane Vigen and Skip Smiley




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