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One Wall in Calgary is starting its 2019/2020 season

After a restful summer, we are all anxious to get back playing one wall and we will start playing again in September. We play most Fridays and Sundays, but to be sure that we are on (as there are some blackout dates), call or text Rob Rakochey at 403-860-2699.


Fridays will be 4-6 pm.


Sundays will be 6-8 pm.


We will continue with our unstructured program of mixed play depending on who shows up.  We are always ready with equipment and people to teach newcomers and we hope to have many new players this fall. If you have people that you want to bring out, please do so and if you give me some advance warning, that would be terrific.  But with or without notice, bring them out to play.


As a reminder, and to send to any new players that you want to bring out, we play one wall handball in Calgary at Clear Water Academy.  For any newcomers the building is called Harvey Hall, at Clear Water Academy and the address of the campus is 2521 Dieppe Ave SW, Calgary AB  T3E 7J9. If you get lost getting there, call me on my cell - 403-860-2699. There is construction directly to the north of the gym and you can park either beside the construction on the east side, or to the south of the gym.


Rob Rakochey – CHC One wall coordinator.

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