Edmonton Open 2012 Results

 Please note the following results from this tournament held at the Mayfield Athletic Club, Edmonton.  This Championship has been played annually since 1933 and the current field had 48 entries from Edmonton, Calgary, Sherwood Park, and Prince George, BC.  14 Junior players under the age of 19 also competed.  This is the prelude to the Alberta Open 4-Wall Handball Championships that will be played in Edmonton at the Mayfield Athletic Club March 23,24,25, 2011.

Above: Hank the Tank (Mark Hanki) recieves an award from Skip Smiley for tightest T-shirt in the tournament.  Hank narrowly edged Rob Rakochey (El Diablo) for this award.  Note-Adrian Bussoli did not enter the tournament so there was no tightest shorts award given this year.


Above: Junior handballers recieve medals.  Patty was not playing in the Junior division and did not recieve a medal. 

Above: Future Hanballers, from left to right, Kalem McGrath, Tyler Yeo and Tyler Wylie (T-Wyles).  Skip Smiley works dilligently in the background.

Above: Kalem helps himself to some of Patty's bonbons

Above: Consolation Open Doubles winners, the PG Mallards, John "Snake" Hanki and Davie "Little Deebs" Jenkins enjoy some R&R after a tough match.


OPEN SINGLES EVENT:  Shane Vigen, Edmonton, def Pat Shearer, Edmonton 21-10; 21-11.  Consolation:  John Jenkins, Calgary def David Doucette, Sherwood Park.

OPEN DOUBLES EVENT:  Shane Vigen, Jeff Yeo, Edmonton def Angus Jenkins, John Jenkins, Calgary, 19-21, 21-7, 11-0.  Consolation:  David Jenkins, John Hanki, Edmonton.

Game can be viewed following this link:

MASTER SINGLES EVENT:  Rob Rakochey, Calgary def Bruce Wyley, Edmonton 21-14, 21-18.  Consolation:  Herb Martin, Sherwood Park def Skip Smiley, Edmonton.

MASTER DOUBLES EVENT:  Russ Glasgow, Howard Strettle, Sherwood Park def Marty Tascona, Bill Mcgrath, Calgary 21-19, 21-17.  Consolation:  Bruce Wyley, Edmonton, Herb Martin, Sherwood Park.

JUNIOR OPEN EVENT:  Parker Dorothy, Sherwood Park 1st place; Yuan Zhou, Calgary 2nd place.

JUNIOR NOVICE EVENT:  Erin Lovie, Sherwood Park 1st place

JUNIOR 17 UNDER DOUBLES EVENT;  Parker Dorothy, Dean Danyluk, Sherwood Park, 1st place.

Skip Smiley
Edmonton Handball Association


Jose-Luis thrashes David Day and Aldo "Hawk-eye" Berga in a Wednesday night cut throat show down at the U of C courts. Three warriors entered the court, one emerged as true champion!


David Day's pre-game calisthenics didn't intimidate Jose Luis on this fateful January 2012 Wednesday night. Jose Luis, or Gonzo, as some call him, chose to focus on his own warm up and not pay any attention the pelvic and neck gyration that was going on outside the court prior to the start of the match.

Gonzo came out firing and didn't look back. He was able to run down multiple pass shots from the feisty Dr. Day and dug up several Berga corner kill shots to out last the veteran handball players. First game ended with Gonzo getting to 21, Dr. Day and Berga/Hawkeye getting 17 a piece.

The second game saw Berga come out with a tenacity not unlike a hungry honey badger. He repeatedly hit a nasty lob serve that seemed to cuff his opponents and provide easy kill opportunities. Berga would often drop to one knee whilst shooting and utilize his knee pads completely. He soon built a 10 point lead. Day was getting frustrated but Gonzo just continued to dig in and not let the lead get to him. Gonzo eventually knocked Berga out of the service box with a left hand fist reverse fist kill shot that emphasized that he wasn't going to roll over. Gonzo stepped up to serve and promptly rolled out 3 of the next 12 points. He won the other points on hand errors from his opponents.

Fatigue was starting to set in at this point of the match. There were a couple of long rallies and each man was able to make it to the service box and tally a few points. Berga was jousting for a lot of court position during rallies and wasn't shy about calling a replay. With the score at 18 for Gonzo, 16 for Berga and 9 for Day, Gonzo entered the service box. As he was setting up to strike his serve, a loud floor rumbling flatulence was delivered by Berga. Gonzo help up on serve, dry gagged twice and walked to the front of the court to  escape the putrid stench that was engulfing the court.

Gonzo then settled himself down and decided that he was going to endure the hardship and win this game one point at a time. He glared back at Berga and then entered the service box. He struck a serve that bounced of the front wall caught the left wall foot high just past the short line and bounced towards Berga's left hand. Berga swung hard but his strike fell short of the front wall by a couple of feet. Next, the ball was served to Day. He took the ball off the back wall with his right hand and it hit it down the middle of the court. Gonzo moved to the back court and a hit and overhand right that managed to trick Day and he wasn't able to get a hand on it. At match point, the ball was served to Berga. He called screen ball. The point was replayed, and Berga dropped to one knee, returned the serve and his return came off the back wall setting Gonzo up for a left wall pass shot that Berga wasn't able to track down. There was some discussion as to whether the point would be replayed due to court hinder but in the end, Gonzo exited the court as the new Wednesday Night U of C Champion.

There will likely be more battles between these blood thirsty warriors in the months to come. You can join in or choose to spectate by showing up between 5:30 and 9:00pm at the University of Calgary courts.


Jake Plummer Documentary

This is a great video on former NFL quaterback Jake Plummer and his love for the game of handball.

Clik on the link to watch:


Former NFL Star Jake Plummer talks about top handball players compared to football and other sports 

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